Parcel delivery service within 24 hours
NCA express delivery service is available at all NCA branches, where the parcels are able to be delivered at the different destinations that lies on the route of NCA buses. The parcel deliveries are processed on an online computer system which enables the price to be standardised.
Documents required when delivering parcels
Thai ID or driving license or passport (only). NCA requires customers to show these documents when sending or receiving parcels every time.
Service fee
When calculating costs, NCA judges from size, weight and distance. Customers may roughly check the price of the delivery via the NCA website by specifying the size, weight and distance that they wish to send the parcel.
Checking the status of the parcel
NCA offers a tracker, in this case as an SMS, so that the sender and receiver is notified when the parcel arrives. When the parcel is collected by the receiver, an SMS is again sent to the sender for free. To do this, the customer only needs to inform the staff of the sender and receivers’ phone number. Customers can also check the status of their parcel online via NCA’s website.

1. Terms of service
     1.1 Sender and receiver must show proof of identity as an ID, driver’s license of passport
     1.2 Parcels are differentiated into 3 types: General, Special and Direct
     1.3 Special parcels are
         1.3.1 Parcels that may easily break e.g. electronics, glass, ceramic
         1.3.2 Liquids or items that are iced or may leak
         1.3.3 Fragile e.g. do not lean on
         (parcels under 1.3.3 must be well contained, suitable for delivery and the customer must notify the company that they are special parcels only before delivery, if so, the company can take responsibilities under condition 4.1)
     1.4 NCA reserves the right not to deliver
         1.4.1 Live organisms, illegal items
         1.4.2 Flammable or dangerous items
         1.4.3 Extremely expensive, irreplaceable items e.g. money, historical items, photos
         1.4.4 Items over 35kg or larger than 220cm (width x height x length) in size
2. Delivering parcels
     2.1 Parcels need to be suitably packaged ready to be delivered
     2.2 Sender needs to write both the name and phone number of themselves and the receiver correctly on the parcel
     2.3 Sender must notify the receiver to collect the parcel themselves (staff will inform the when the parcel will arrive)
3. Conditions when picking up a parcel
     3.1 NCA reserves the right to take a photo of the customer’s ID, driver’s license or passport of the receiver
     3.2 If the receiver themselves is picking up the parcel, then please show proof of identity (condition 1.1)
     3.3 If a representative is receiving the parcel, then proof of identity must be shown under condition 1.1 for both the sender and receiver
     3.4 If the receiver is a corporate, then show proof of identity as mention under condition 1.1
     3.5 If the receiver does not have proof of identity as mention under condition 1.1 then NCA has the right to not give up the parcel.
4. Responsibility
     4.1 If the parcel is lost or damaged NCA will pay the following:
         -Special parcel: no more than 2000 baht depending on the damage
         -General parcel: no more than 10000 baht depending on the damage
     4.2 NCA will only atone customers that have a bill no more than 15 days from the day the parcel has been sent.
5. Exceptions for responsibility
     5.1 If items are very fragile e.g. glass bottles, glass or anything similar but customers did not notify the company then NCA will not be responsible for damages.
     5.2 NCA will not be responsible if the damage is caused by a war, riot, terrorists or natural disasters.
     5.3 If the parcel does not arrive at the bus station in time for it to be delivered as planned then NCA reserves the right not to be responsible for the delay and will not refund any pre-paid costs.