Nakhonchaiair Membership

Benefits of becoming a Nakhonchaiair Member

  1. Receive a 5% discount for every trip with Nakhonchaiair
  2. Collect loyalty points (1 baht = 1 point) which can be redeemed for a selection of gifts and exclusive offers from Nakhonchaiair. To view the selection of gifts available


Ways to become a Nakhonchaiair Member

  1. Sign up at any Nakhonchaiair Service Station. All you will need is a photo ID, which can either be a Thai National ID Card or a Passport.
  2. Sign up on our website. You will need to attach a file of a copy of your photo ID as well as pay a membership fee online. To sign up on our website, Click Here
  3. Membership fee for new members is 59baht
  4. There are no membership numbers, to enjoy the benefits of a Nakhonchaiair member, simply use your Thai National ID Card or Passport number.
  5. After signing-up you will receive a 5% discount for 20 seats. If you have used up all the promotion allowance, you can top up for 59baht per 20 seats discounted. This top up can be done in advance and as many times as you want
  6. The membership lasts 4years, and can be extended. Once extended, all loyalty points will be transferred across.
  7. If the membership has expired for over 6 months, then the loyalty points cannot be transferred over.


Terms and Conditions

  1. The discount can be redeemed for 1 seat per journey per day
  2. The discount can be applied to all Nakhonchaiair bus tickets valued 350baht or more
  3. The discount can be applied when booking through any channels offered by the company
  4. The discount all only be redeemed by the Nakhonchaiair Member and cannot be use to discount tickets for non-members