Customers have 3 hours to pay for their ticket after they have booked using this method.
The system gives you 3 hours to pay after booking. If you do not pay within that time, your reservation will be canceled automatically. If you still wish to travel, you will have to purchase a new ticket.
You can choose your seat for free. There are no additional fees.
If the reference number did not allow you to pay at the service counter, you can call 1624 to check and see if the number you used was correct.
You have to first download the app.
You can use the receipt you were given at 7-11 as your ticket without having to exchange it for anything else.
You can read the following instructions for booking a ticket through the website by clicking here.
You can read the following instructions for booking a ticket through this method by clicking here.
If you have purchased a ticket using a credit card and wish to cancel your ticket and get a refund, you can do so at the ticket counter. Some conditional fees may apply. The refund will be returned to you via your credit account. There are no cash refunds for credit purchases. There is a 30 day period (from the time of cancellation) during which the cancellation will be confirmed and the ticket cost refunded.
You can contact us and inform us of your credit card problems at one of the following channels. 1. Call Center at 1624 (every day from 06:00 – 23:00), 2. The company Line / Facebook Chat (every day from 09:00 – 19:00), 3. Customer relations at 0-2939-4999 ext. 1125,1126 (Monday-Friday, 09:00-18:00).
You can contact us if you would like to change your membership information through our customer relations department at 0-2939-4999 ext. 1125,1126 (Monday-Friday, 09:00-18:00).
You can do this at the ticket counter at any Nakhonchai Air branch or through the website by clicking here
Customers can contact 0-2939-4999 ext. 0 to reach a service representative. You can explain what you have forgotten on board and they will make sure to have someone look for something matching that description. From there, a staff member will confirm with you that you are the owner and ask for your national ID number as proof of receipt. This is to check and make sure that you are the true owner. NOTE: The company reserves the right to refuse to look for items lost over 7 days prior to the notification. If the item has already been found, the company reserves the right to discontinue holding the item if it has not been claimed within 7 days. Once this time has passed, the company is no longer responsible for storing the item.
Nakhonchai Air conducts standard vehicle inspections after every trip once the vehicle is at a station. A QC representative will board the vehicle and collect any lost items. These will then be documented and stored. If the QC representative did not find your item then Nakhonchai Air reserves the right not to take responsibility for that item.